Time to Toss Out Your Old Carpets?

Time to Toss Out Your Old Carpets?

Count on our crew in North Canton, Green, Massillon, OH to complete your carpet removal job

When you first moved into your home, your carpeted floors were probably spotless and clean. But after years of spilled drinks, pet accidents and smoking indoors, you may notice the odors and stains more than the carpet itself. That's where Awesome A's Cleaning Service comes in. Rely on us to take care of your soiled carpet removal in North Canton, Massillon, or Green, OH.

It's time to upgrade your floors. Call 330-495-1132 now to arrange for our efficient carpet removal and disposal services.

Follow your nose to determine whether you should ditch your carpet pad

Oftentimes, your nose can tell you whether it's time to schedule a carpet pad removal. Has your carpet pad acquired foul odors from:

  • Pet urine and feces?
  • Spilled food and drinks?
  • Soaked-in smoke and nicotine?
  • Musty mold and mildew growth?

If your floor has a foul odor that steam cleaning and Febreze can't clear up, schedule carpet pad removal services ASAP.